Worship and Word for Sunday 22nd March 2020


Welcome to our first online time of worship and sharing in God’s word. This may not be a ‘live’ event but we are trusting that it will still be an enriching time in the Lord’s presence.

If you are alone or with others, consider setting aside a dedicated time and space for this weekend’s worship. Take a few moments to sit quietly and invite the Lord to be with you and to connect us as a family as we worship together  – in spirit but not together physically.

Bev has given this week’s worship so much thought and prayer. I trust some of what she leads us in together will linger in our hearts and minds not only today but into the coming week.


Hi from Bev.

IMG_3434I know the picture isn’t me singing or anything, but it’s recent, and probably what I’m actually up to at the time you’re reading this (if it’s on Sunday morning). For worship this week, instead of all being together, we are in different places, time zones or at different times perhaps, but we still think it’s important to spend some time connecting with God, and maybe you will experience “the fellowship of the saints” too. If you’re watching alone, it’s at least you and me. So what follows is the songs I would have selected for live worship today, and in between the songs there are some readings and prayers that you can use/not use, as you prefer.

Practical note: The first two songs have lyrics in the video stream, but if you need the lyrics in the third song, instead of watching the video, once you have clicked the little play button in the centre of the image, scroll down on this blog, and I’ve printed the lyrics for you.


Matthew 18:18-20  (Message) Take this most seriously: A yes on earth is yes in heaven, a no on earth is no in heaven. What you say to one another is eternal. I mean this. When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.

Lord thank You that You are here, and as we worship, my prayer is that You make Yourself real to each person present.


Lord God, we cannot put our trust in anything that we do. Mercifully grant that by Your power we may be defended against all adversity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

At this time, maybe spend a few minutes considering the ways you can trust God to intervene in your life – particularly to defend you against all adversity. He wants to be your point of call, your hope, your tower of strength. Lean on Him now, and let His love surround you and His peace rain deeply into your heart.


Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 15.14.10

Prayer: God You are near to us all the time. Thank You for this opportunity to connect with you, and that You are faithful to fill our worship with Your presence. Come Lord Jesus, our Prince of Peace. Take authority over every fear and speak Your love and life into us. Holy Spirit, go before us and make a way – bringing light into the darkness, hope and grace into our fallen world and may Your kingdom come in unexpected ways today and every day. Amen.

Message – ‘Prayer in a time of pandemic.’

Here are my thoughts on prayer and the Lord’s Prayer at this time. Many of you may be familiar with what has been on my heart the past few days, but let us journey together and share ways that this could be a reality in the days and weeks ahead.

I would value your participation and suggestions.

To watch click here

During the message I made reference to a blog on Tuesday and last weeks message – both links are below.

Here is an update on the latest Covid19 news and its impact on SA from our very own Francis Herd.

To listen click here

Both Bev and I covet not only your prayer but all your messages and various interactions.

xx Wayne & Bev.

Last Sunday’s Sermon

This past week’s thoughts on continuing to meet at usual

7 thoughts on “Worship and Word for Sunday 22nd March 2020

  1. Great sermon, Wayne. I miss everyone this morning – from coffee with Megan, worship all together, seeing all the lovely familiar faces, hearing all the children’s chatter and missing laughing and drinking tea with each other. But we will do that one day again (and appreciate it so much) and until we do, we will hold each other close in our hearts and prayers, and we will connect electronically. I didn’t miss unpacking all the equipment (notice I didn’t say packing it away, Dylan) and getting up early and driving in the rain. Love to everyone watching this today or whenever.

  2. An apt and relevant encouragement Wayne! Thank you for reminding us of the great call of the Christian to pray.

    We loved listening to you this morning!

    Graeme and Carey

  3. Thank you for this. Was awesome to spend time ‘at church’ and reflect and worship and think about the Lord’s Prayer and how we can pray going forward.
    Stay well family.
    Love Shirley

  4. Thanks Wayne & Bev and well done with this! 🤗 Appreciate the message & leading in our own time of worship. Thanks also for the update from Francis – very clever to have included that & helpful in terms of an insightful update from someone who’s definitely at the forefront of news & current affairs!

    I’m praying that this situation will be an opportunity in God’s Kingdom ito leading people to feeds like yours wou wouldn’t have looked for or found it otherwise.

    Lots of love to you all! 🤗💕

  5. Missing you all so much but so lovely to hear your voices and hear your thoughts! Thanks for your guidance and leadership at this time Wayne and Bev. Feeling your love and concern keenly and standing alongside you and our community at this weird time! But God!!!

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