Pastor’s prepare sermons on a weekly basis. Most weeks there are hours spent reading, studying, hopefully praying and even time spent in discussion with others as we prepare our thoughts. Often we only get to share a fraction of this in our message from the pulpit. At times we are encouraged by a word of thanks as someone leaves the service or even a discussion over a cup of coffee afterwards. Many times we are not even sure if anyone is listening.

It is often a lonely task but a rewarding one as we trust the Holy Spirit to use the words that we share.

This year I have had the added privilege of sharing the messages I have prepared on a local radio station Radio Today. Family and friends have encouraged me to post an edited version of this online.

My hope is that what I have preached on Sunday can be reflected on during the week by those who were in attendance or even further afield.

The weekly broadcasts are available on this site but the full sermon from Sundays is available for download on our church site: http://www.hillsidevcf.org.za

As this becomes a habit I hope to share other reflections or even reviews of some of the material I have been reading.

I trust you are as encouraged as I have been preparing these thoughts.

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