Radio broadcasts

Epiphany: Making Christ known to the world – 11 Jan 2016
Epiphany is the Church’s answer to the world’s disillusionment of failed new year’s resolutions and plans.

Busting His gut on our behalf – 4 Jan 2016
Wayne picks up on Zechariah’s song, and the strong reference to God’s mercy. The term can literally be translated as God’s “gut-wrenching compassion”.

Advent: God is About to Act – 21 Dec 2015
During this busy season, take time to pause and listen… Wayne follows up on Zecharaiah’s song, referring to God’s intervention on behalf of humanity.

Advent: Preparing the way for the Messiah – 14 Dec 2015
Wayne continues to share on preparing ourselves for Christmas, based on Zecharaiah’s song in Luke 1. Listen to the foretelling of John the Baptist’s father on how his son would prepare the way for the Messiah.

Advent: The Antidote – 7 Dec 2015
Advent is the Church’s answer to enter God’s rest and peace during one of the world’s craziest seasons. Wayne shares on how we can use the season of Advent to prepare our hearts for the coming King.

Advent: The difference the Spirit makes – 30 Nov 2015
Advent is called the “silly season” in the Western commercial world for a reason. We are all well familiar with the craze of going to shops during this time and getting prepared in terms of the physical things we believe we need to celebrate Christmas. Wayne shares on the refreshing difference the Spirit makes to our lives in contrast to the world’s craziness.

Conclusion of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 – 23 Nov 2015
We have deliberately been lingering on John 17. Wayne savours some concluding riches in the meaning of this prayer Jesus prayed for his followers, linking it to Adoption month.

Jesus’ prayer in John 17: The Holy Spirit – 16 Nov 2015
Wayne continues to share on the reference to the Holy Spirit in John 17.

John 17: Invitation to join the dance – 9 Nov 2015
Jesus’ prayer in John 17 includes an inviation to deeper intimacy with God. Wayne shares on this, with reference to what the Greek Orthodox church traditionally calls the “Trinitarian dance”.

John 17: Being the Beloved – 1 Nov 2015
Wayne shares about the meaning of being loved by God even as He loved Jesus, as stated in verse 23 of John 17.

John 17: Jesus prays for joy – 12 Oct 2015
Focusing on the theme of joy in Jesus’ prayer for his followers in John 17.

John 17: Recap on Jesus’ prayer – 5 Oct 2015
A recap on the prayer Jesus prayed for his followers in John 17.

John 17: The focus of Jesus’ prayer – 28 Sep 2015
Looking at the content of the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17.

John 17: Practices of Prayer – 21 Sep 2015
A continuation of the practices of prayer we can learn from the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17.

John 17: Look up! – 14 Sep 2015
Wayne focuses on the perspective Jesus had when praying for his followers in John 17.

The prayer Jesus prayed for his Followers – 7 Sep 2015
Wayne explores three practices with regards to prayer, on the basis of the prayer Jesus prayed for his followers in John 17.

Connecting to the Vine – 31 Aug 2015
Continuing to explore the topic of the True Vine, focusing on the question “Who forms you?”

I AM the True Vine – 24 Aug 2015
Wayne shares on what it means to be connected to the True Vine.

Meaning of ‘Gospel’ – 17 Aug 2015
Exploring the background and root meaning of the term “Gospel”.

Exploring the Theme of Light in John, Part II – 10 Aug 2015
Part II of our further exploration of the theme of Light in John.

Exploring the Theme of Light in John, Part I 3 Aug 2015
Continuing to explore the theme of Light in John, which we’ve touched on before.

Lazarus: Raised by the Resurrection 27 July 2015
The account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is the 7th sign in John, and also one of Jesus’ most prominent I AM sayings: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”.

I AM the Good Shepherd – 20 July 2015
Images of Jesus as the Good Shepherd are popular in Christian tradition. How does the analogy of us being sheep clash with conditioning in our culture of being taught to look out for ourselves, go against the flow, etc?

Soul Keeping – 6 July 2015
Wayne shares a bit about his impressions of John Ortberg’s book, “Soul Keeping”, which refers to Dallas Willard’s influence on Ortberg. Wayne also shares some of his own encounters with Dallas.

I AM the Light of the World – 29 June 2015
Exploring the 2nd ‘I AM’-saying in John

Reading the Bible wide-screen – 22 June 2015
Linking the large themes of Scripture to John’s gospel. Looking at how Creation and Exodus relate to Jesus’ message in John.

I AM the Bread of Life – 15 June 2015
What does Jesus mean by referring to himself as the Bread of Life?

I AM sayings in John – 8 June 2015
John refers to seven “I AM” statements by Jesus in his gospel: I am the bread of Life, the Light, the true Vine, the Good Shepherd, etc. What is the meaning behind this? How does it relate to God referring to himself as “I AM what I am” in Exodus?

Pentecost – 25 May 2015
Why was the Holy Spirit sent to us and how do we minister him to others?

Son of man – 18 May 2015
What does the term “Son of man” mean and why does Jesus use this as his preferred title to refer to himself?

Ascension – 11 May 2015
Why do we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension?

Kingdom of God – 4 May 2015
Who is King in your life?

Feeding of 5000 – 27 April 2015
Hear about the message behind Jesus feeding more than 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Healing at the pool – 20 April 2015
Why would Jesus defy religious laws by healing a man who was lame from birth on the Sabbath?

Easter – 13 April 2015
Hear about the greatest heist in history.

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